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Caribbean Management Talk

The Promise of Transition

Author: Staff
Last Update: Jan 16, 11:36 AM ET

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Marlon Yarde
In just over 20 years Barbados has set the foundations of securities trading as the Eastern Caribbean nation has witnessed a major shift in its economy from the export of sugar to tourism.
Barbados Stock Exchange
Q: Is the membership in the exchange still available today?

There is room for new members. We can have a maximum of twenty-five members. Currently we only have sixteen. In addition we have four designated members and these represent various interest groups in the economy. These are the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Central Bank of Barbados, the Bankers Institute, and the Barbados BAR Association.

Q: If you become a member, do you have to be a broker?

Once you become a member, you can choose to be a broker. If you decide to take that route, then you have to be licensed and registered with the Securities Commission.

Q: Those are the only questions I have unless you think there is something that I should have asked and I did not ask you?

Our intention at the Stock Exchange here in Barbados is to be the premier exchange in the region and we are working on a number of initiatives to help us get there. We are going to be demutualizing. We are going to be setting up an over-the-counter market. We want to set up an international trading floor. In addition, we will continue to look at our processes and practices and look at the products out there in the marketplace to help further develop our market. We are optimistic about the future. The whole initiative of the Caribbean Exchange Network, which will bring together the three markets, is an important feature for the development of our market and we look forward to this as well.

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