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Caribbean Management Talk

Costa Rica: The Human Capital Advantage

Author: Staff
Last Update: Aug 12, 5:08 AM ET

Pilar Madrigal
Costa Rica stands out as the only nation in Central and Latin America to have attracted foreign direct investment in manufacturing and services. That distinction seems even more unique, considering that most of this is efficiency-seeking FDI on sectors such as advanced manufacturing, medical devices and services.
CINDE - Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
Q: What are the ways in which you seek to attract foreign direct investment?

We focus our promotion efforts on industry-oriented conferences, trade shows and events of the sectors that we promote, as well as on a direct approach to a pre-defined list of companies that match certain criteria.

We also enhance these efforts by creating awareness through all the channels and sources related to site selection and foreign direct investment.

Furthermore, we host events at least once a year in which we have participation of government authorities along as well as a case study of a company that has established operations in Costa Rica.

Q: What is the reason for having your office in New York?

The East Coast is and international hub in which an enormous amount of companies are represented in one way or another.

Q: What are the countries or regions where you see further opportunities to attract businesses to Costa Rica?

We have engaged in some proactive efforts in Germany, India and Spain, although every year we evaluate where most of the source of greenfield projects from the sectors that we promote are coming from.

Q: Do you have a presence of mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, or Singaporean companies in Costa Rica?

If we are talking about companies of these countries that are looking for efficiencies in Costa Rica, not at the moment. We are in the process of negotiating a free trade agreement with China and Singapore so we believe that in future Costa Rica may be a hub for some of their companies who wish to access the markets in the Americas.

Q: Do you have a free trade agreement with Germany, Spain and India right now?

We have preferential access through the GSP-Plus program to Europe depending on the product category. Most high tech products from Spain and Germany would enter the European Union duty free. We donít have a free trade agreement with India.

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