Example of Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company

Example of Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company

Creating a Human Resources plan is an important part of starting a business. We present a sample Human Resources plan for a software company.

Sample Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company

The growth of the company leads to the need for an additional workforce, which is well qualified in the relevant field.
Currently, the organization has a sufficient number of employees to cope well with daily activities. In the future, as the company grows, it will need new employees.

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Structure of the Human Resources Department

Chief Human Resources Officer – responsible for developing the company’s vision and strategy.
Human Resources Director – responsible for the implementation of the company’s vision and strategy.
Human Resources Manager – monitors and assists in the daily work of HR professionals.
Human Resources Specialist – 3 people – these employees work in various fields in the Human Resources department.
– Compensation and documents
– Conducting interviews
– Evaluation of the work process and bonus system
People Data Analyst – builds a database and tools for accessing and modifying this data.

Hiring new employees

The strategic plan predicts that every six months the company will grow. This means that the selection of new staff is needed in such a period. According to the strategic plan, every six months the company grows and hires new staff. For this reason, the search for new employees starts every five months. The term for their hiring is one month.
We need 5 people for the technical department in the position of Technical Support and 5 people in the department of communication with customers in the position of Customer Service.
Technical Support – responds to technical problem notifications, problem analysis if possible problem resolution, or escalation to a supervisor.
Customer Service – responds to customer inquiries, prepares payment links.

Plan for hiring new employees

Hiring new employees is a complex process that goes through the selection of candidates for a particular position. After the resumes of all candidates are reviewed by an HR manager, only those approved by them are interviewed for the job.

The role of the Human Resources department in hiring new employees

The HR director is responsible for the preparation of advertising materials to attract the attention of people who have the necessary qualities. These qualities are mostly technical knowledge, knowledge of a foreign language, experience in the field, organizational skills.
The HR manager reviews the resumes received and evaluates the candidates based on the information in their resumes. After this process, the manager gives a list of the approved candidates to the HR specialists who need to establish contact with the job candidates.
HR specialists conduct interviews with the candidates selected by the HR manager. A detailed plan has been drawn up for the interviews to be followed by the specialists.

After conducting the job interviews, the HR manager makes a final decision on which candidates will be hired. He is responsible for preparing the documents that employees need when they start working, as well as for compensation, pension, and health insurance.
When applicants are approved, HR professionals have the responsibility to contact all applicants for feedback. Applicants who are approved will be sent additional information when their training begins.

Training of new employees

The training must take place within one month.
The newly trained staff will consist of two groups of five people, each group having a mentor with technical knowledge and leadership skills.
This training is conducted by a technical specialist who has passed management training courses. He is a mentor to the learners. The mentor must be a supervisor from other departments – the technical department or customer communication department.
There is a probationary period in which both the employee and the leaders of the organization can assess whether they are willing to work together. After successfully passing the training and probationary period, the employee takes the given position independently and at the beginning, his work is supervised by a team leader, who helps him to fill in the gaps and is responsible for his work.
After completing the training of the new staff, the People Data Analyst collects their resumes and adds them to the database of the HR department. People Data Analyst must have organizational, analytical, and technical skills.

Certification program for the Human Resources Manager

The human resources manager must pass a modern and advanced certification program in the field. It is recommended to obtain a certificate for BVOP Certified Human Resource Manager which is Agile-oriented and created for modern software and IT organizations. The training program also includes many business topics which are a great additional qualification for the HR manager of the organization.

Additional qualification of current staff

Jobs determine the type of skills and abilities that every employee in the company needs to have. The most important are technical knowledge, communication, and administrative skills.
The strengths of the company’s current employees lie in their good technical and communication skills.
Communication skills support good customer service. Thanks to their technical skills, the team of specialists in the company solves technical problems and creates tools to support efficient and quality work.
There are workers who have not yet entered the work process well. In order for the company to support their training, the quality and efficiency of their work are monitored.
There are employees with communication and leadership gaps. The skills of the current staff are built during the work process.
The company must be able to offer its employees additional training in the relevant field so that employees can be motivated to develop their qualities.

Moving employees from one position to another. Internal Recruiting

The transfer of employees from one position to another (Internal Recruiting) occurs with the consent of both the employee and the recommendation of his team leader. If the team leader thinks that an employee is suitable for a higher position and has another employee from the company to fill his current position, then he goes through a short interview and tasks to determine his level of knowledge for a new position.
This most often happens when the company is growing and it is necessary to hire new staff. In such cases, new employees are hired in lower positions to be introduced to the way of working and when they show their knowledge, skills, and experience, they can move to a new position or even in another department of the company.

Tools, resources, environment, budget, and deadlines


Hiring employees for the Human Resources Department – 1 month
Building a work environment (software for video calls, chat, VPN, database, etc.) – 3 months
Hiring employees for technical department and customer communication department – 6 months


Video call software
Online testing and evaluation software
Online document storage software
Online chat software
Infrastructure for internal use system
VPN system


Through the VPN system, employees can do their work from home.
Thus, the employees of the company remain safe and at the moment there is no need for a new office


Every employee must have a work laptop
Video chat software license required. For example Zoom.
An online chat software license is required. For example Slack.


Laptop for every new employee. For example, “Lenovo ThinkPad L570” with an average price of $ 1,000. That makes $ 17,000 for office laptops.
Video call software license. For example, “Zoom” with a price of $ 15 per month.
Online chat software license. For example, “Slack” with a price of $ 12.50 per month.
Salaries for new employees (Technical Support and Customer Service) – $ 900 starting salary.

Salaries for the Human Resources Department:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer – $ 4,000
  • Human Resources Director – $ 3,000
  • Human Resources Manager – $ 3,000
  • Human Resources Specialist – $ 2,000
  • Bonus for mentors who train new employees – $ 500 one-time bonus per mentor.

Total for the first month: $ 43,046
Total for each month: $ 25,046

The role of human resources in the organization

Human resources are extremely important for the work of all organizations in which people work. They contribute to the culture, development, and recruitment of the organization.

Roles in the organization are HR directors and specialists.

Today, the role of human resources is based on the process of recruiting, hiring employees and their well-being for better working life.

Human Resources Responsibilities
  • Staff recruitment
  • Appointment
  • Training
  • Organizational development
  • Communication
  • Performance management
  • Guidelines
  • Policy recommendation
  • Salary and benefits
  • Team building
  • Relationships between employees
  • Guide

Don’t forget to predispose new employees with friendly prompts and questions.

For example:

Say the first “Hello” to the people at your workplace.
Get acquainted with the situation.
Is the new desk comfortable?
Put an order in the documents.
Did you “meet” the coffee machine already? I hope your first working day was a success.
Now rest and with new strength, we are waiting for you tomorrow at the right place at the right time.


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The role of Human Resources is comprehensive.
In other words, these are the people responsible for everyday problems and complaints.
Everything related to salaries, benefits, administration, and employment.

More activities of the HR department:
  • Organization and selection for a vacancy
  • Organization for their training
  • Maintaining personal files for staff
  • Participation in the settlement of labor relations
  • Defenders of the interests of employees
Human Resources managers make efforts to develop an organization.

Their role is key, which seeks to achieve the goals of companies by developing the potential and security of employees.
To eliminate the low motivation in the work process, the Human Resources Manager takes care of the employees to interact as a team, to improve their communications, to upgrade their professional qualification, and to provide them with constant support.

  • They hire and train the best employees
  • Prepare employee files and policies
  • Manage salaries, social security, and employee benefits
  • Determine the needs of the staff
  • They are watching the work
  • They provide equal opportunities
  • Resolve internal disputes
  • They deal with discrimination
  • Increase and develop the knowledge and skills of employees

The shortcomings of various organizations and companies regarding the hiring of Human Resources are key to inefficient teamwork and work environment.

These shortages are interrelated with material and moral losses and the many unrealized transactions and unsatisfied customers.

For companies to grow, they must be able to ensure the free movement of ideas within the organization.

2 thoughts on “Example of Human Resources plan of an IT / Software company

  1. Here is my sample HR plan:

    Guided by the organizational structure of our organization and its desire to develop as a technology company, actions will be needed to be performed by the Human Resources Department. To this end, it is necessary to create an HR department to create a concept and organization for the selection and appointment of staff; personnel administration; motivation, and subsequent training of staff. Given that at the moment the company is a start-up and has only 15 employees, it is not profitable and it is not required to have more than 2 employees in the Human Resources department, and one of them to take over the management function of the department. At the moment, the organization has an HR specialist who operates in the field of personnel selection and training. He will also be assigned purely coordination/management functions. For the department to function, it will be necessary to appoint another operational worker to deal with the administrative part of the staff.

    HR specialist

    HR specialist – will take over coordination/management functions in the newly formed department, after making a selection for the operational position in the department. The following activities will be included in his work schedule:

    Development of a strategy for selection, hiring, and retention of staff;
    Selection and selection of personnel;
    Development of a program for social benefits (partial coverage of transport costs to the workplace; food vouchers; vouchers for shopping with discounts in various retail chains; sports and entertainment cards;
    additional leave for various personal events;
    additional leave for five years worked in the company, due for each subsequent one;
    The organization of continuous training and development of employees;
    Administration of salaries, bonus schemes, and other additional payments;
    Annual certification of employees;
    Analyzes estimated costs for the listed activities.

    Operational Human resources

    Operational Human resources. Will perform the following activities:

    entering data for days worked, holidays, sick leave, overtime;
    storage and record keeping;
    preparation of documents for employment records, official notes, etc .;
    submission of inquiries to the state institutions regarding the staff;
    work with a specialized program for personnel administration, etc. daily, monthly and annual processes related to the operational activities of the department.

    For the functioning of the Human Resources department in the organization will be needed

    Office space, furniture for two workplaces; printer, one computer, and one laptop; specialized program; two mobile phones; stationery – binders, folders, paper, etc .; stamp for stamping documents;


    Recruitment – $ 150 publication on a job seeker site. If we are lucky enough to find the first time, there will be no need for re-selection.
    Furnishing with two jobs – 1400 dollars.
    Mid-range printer, scanner included – $ 950;
    Desktop computer – $ 520, monitor – $ 380, mouse and keyboard – $ 70;
    Laptop – $ 2,500;
    Software product for Human Resources with the right to use 1 year – 1700 dollars; subscription support $ 230;
    Two mobile phones – one middle class for the operations officer and one middle to high class – 1400 dollars;

    The total budget for the department and its start-up operation – $ 12,600.

    Deadlines for staffing the HR department

    Deadlines for staffing the HR department and the resources you need – immediate implementation, given the nature of the work of the department. Need for 1 specialist to be hired and trained promptly to take over their functions.
    Positions in the organization – 15 at the start:
    The positions initially announced in the organizational plan are – founder and founder of the company, current manager; HR specialist with managerial functions in the newly formed department; sales and marketing manager; public relations manager; 3 IT technical specialists; 3 assistants servicing the telephone lines and e-mail; 2 sales representatives to look for clients and present the service; 1 office assistant to assist the manager and management units; 1 office cleaner. New York and London office staff will be needed in the future. Initially, 2 telephone and mail assistants in each of the two offices, as well as 1 sales representative, a total of two, ie. 4 associates for work in an office and 2 sales representatives, as the sales representatives will have managerial, organizational activities in the specific office. We do not forget about the specialist who is needed in the HR department. Total vacancies to be filled – 7 pieces.

    Hiring terms

    Determining the terms for their hiring, the necessary training, what will be the period of training, and who will conduct it – the term for hiring is tied to the development of the organization. As of the forecast period, the employees are sufficient, given the work of the organization, which is concentrated only in one city and with one office. The expectations for opening offices in two more cities this year, the active interviews will start from the middle of July, so that they can end by the middle of September, considering the holiday season. The training will take place one month before the actual start of the two offices, and it will be located in New York City, in the core of the organization, and will provide the opportunity to train in a real environment and with real clients, which is a positive prerequisite for working independently. individual cities.

  2. The role of the HR department after the selection of staff is to deal with the training of the new team. Rules for work, rules for working with clients, rules in the team itself must be drawn up to achieve the ultimate goal: energetic work with enthusiasm. I believe that this is achieved with the help of a dynamic and ambitious team that looks to the future with intuition and entrepreneurial flair.

    A team of HRIS managers should prepare an online platform specifically developed for the company as well as individual software that the entire team should be familiar with.

    All this organization and training is based on large investments from company funds. This will lead to even better and more successful results, both for you and your customers.

    Strive to create a stable and motivating environment for all employees and partners. Pay special attention to the needs of employees and believe that a positive and motivating work environment increases the resilience of the company.

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