Tips for the Scrum Master to deal more easily with the Development team in Scrum

A Development Team is expected to have between 3 and 9 developers in total. The exact number does not include the Scrum Master and Product Owner role. If we use 10 specialists for the first product, for the remaining 2 there will not be enough specialists to form a development team. Therefore, I suggest that we use 9 for products 1, and 3 each for products 2 and 3.

For a product to be successful, even if it is a lower priority, we must have an overall structure of roles in the team and follow the Scrum process. To reduce the total number of people in the team, we could use cross-functional people and thus provide the necessary competence and roles.

The roles and responsibilities in the Scrum team are not limited to managing people, complex knowledge of the entire methodology and terminology is needed so that the tasks can be set understandably, the right directions can be given and the project can be executed successfully.

If the external intervention concerns a request for work that needs to be done, contact the Product Owner role to take action. At his discretion, he will decide to add this new development request to the Product Backlog list or ignore it.

There is no hierarchy in Scrum. With your extensive experience, you could participate as a cross-functionality in the Development Team and Product Owner, thereby reducing the total number of the product implementation team.

A very important part of the work of the Development team is determining the estimated development time of their tasks and, on this basis, determining how much work they can do during a given iteration (Sprint). Reference: “Responsibilities of the Scrum Development Team”, The team estimates the effort required to fully complete the required work based on their experience, knowledge, practice, skills, and previous amount of work done in their previous Sprint. So it is not appropriate to move this activity to the Product Owner role.

It is especially important that when a team member experiences difficulties or something is interfering with their work, they should notify the Scrum Master role in the team, who will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In this situation, the Scrum Master will need to contact the Product Owner and explain the task in detailed and understandable language. Reference: “What is the Scrum Master role in the Scrum framework?”,

Development team members should always have an idea of what everyone else is doing. They maintain a maximum level of transparency. They do not hide problems and share information with others. So such an action on the part of the Product Owner is not permissible and should not be tolerated.

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